Bartables are used in bars, restaurants, events, weddings or even at trade shows.
All events have in common that the table needs to be robust and sturdy but after the event it needs to use as little space as possible while being easy to transport.

We fulfill all these requirements with our custom bartables.
Over 100.000 tables are already manufactured and sold worldwide.

Easy to set up, easy to tear down and easy to transport!





Our tabletops are made by the global leader of outdoor table tops and consist of compressed wood and resin.

Our tops are:
- round or squared design
- scratch resistant
- made for outdoor use
- weatherproof and UV resistant
- Heat resistant up to 350f
- easy to clean
- available in more than 100 designs 
- available as custom branded table top with your logo
- resistant against cigarettes and cigars


The secret in our design is the easy way to built it up and take it down.

In under 1 minute the table can be built up.
Either one or two stainless steel pipes slide into a very robust base with a welded on ring as a foot rest.

The pipes are stored under the table top during transportation. The table is always complete and parts cannot get lost.




Transportation is always a challenge. Carrying dozens of tables can be challenging and frustrating. 

Our dollies are equipped with 4 rollers and breakes and each dolly can accommodate 6 tables.

Storage in a warehouse and transportation in a truck is as easy at it can be.

For restaurants dollies can be parked in a storage facility where they do not take up much space during the off season.