Tired of moving your outdoor tables every evening before closing?

Tired of storing your outdoor tables in the end of the summer season from your patio?

More customers than expected at night? Need additional tables?

We have a solution for you!

Our tables can be taken down in less than a minute, can be stacked and stored on a dolly. You can fit more than 120 table in a regular garage


-        1 minute assembly

-        Stainless Steel for outdoor

-        Round and squared table tops

-        Stackable

-        Easy transportation in a dolly

-        More than 120 tables fit in a standard one car garage

-        Sun and fade resistant (UV resistant) 


-        Restaurant and Bars

-        Outdoor Patios

-        Beergarden

-        Hotels 

We have hundred different designs for table tops with or without branding.  



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